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"Filmmaking & Photography"

Turning Your Ideas

Into Reality

Whatever film or video you have in mind, DEX KLAN DEV ENTERTAINMENT can make it all happen before your own eyes.

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What to Expect

At DEX KLAN DEV ENTERTAINMENT, the most important ingredients in any video project are ideas, scripting, and development. In some cases, these aspects are often overlooked. It is of high importance to study and look carefully in these areas because this will determine how good your video will be structured.

If these areas are looked with less importance, you could miss your video having its desired effect as it should. I will work carefully with clients in Greater Manchester, England to understand what they try to put across and get the desire look and feel in the video. 

World-Class Equipment

During the filming process, I will create a modern and stylish look using new latest video technology equipment.

I work with Canon 5D Cameras and lenses, monitor, soft lights, tripod, slider, and jib (to create movements in shots). My sound packages include radio mics, a boom mic, and an audio mixer. A recorder is also supplied. For higher budget productions, I can arrange to hire in a higher spec camera such as a Canon C300 or the Sony FS-700.

I use a combination of colour grading and effects to enhance and polish videos to a dream level. I edit using either Final Cut Studio 7 or Adobe Premiere CS6. I provide voiceover recording and editing, and I choose and buy in the right royalty free music for your video. On larger budgets, I can create unique music for your production.

Organised Workflow

1) Establish a Plan

To start your film project, I would recommend from you a track for the video, as well as brief ideas, storyboards, themes, or concepts that you may have. Don’t worry if you do not have one; if you only have a vague idea, that will do as I can help you come up with the right idea for your track and your budget.

From that stage, I will arrange a meeting with you depending on your location. After that, we will talk either face-to-face or over the phone to discuss certain matters such as where to shoot and what your final budget will represent.

2) Set a Budget

The foundation of a quality video will definitely be laid on a budget which dictates what is going to be used in your video production. Although I dispose of tools to produce good professional looking videos for a fraction of what can cost more elsewhere, certain things—in some cases—may be added to your production costs for a better outcome. Bigger story boards will obviously cost more than a simple performance video especially if several locations are to be used and also the traveling cost to a different location.

Once a budget is agreed, I will have it signed and guarantee not to go over it, so long as your requirements and the logistics do not alter.

3) Determine Location/s

The next step is determining the location for the film. I can arrange different locations in many areas of stunning natural beauty including many others that are free to use. I can also arrange venues through my contacts, which should not be a problem for you unless you choose to shoot your video in a location of your choice.

4) Make a Deposit

In general, I prefer to speak with my clients in person regarding finances. Please don’t hesitate to call or drop an email to arrange a consultation. Once all the logistics we have discussed have been met, I will arrange a specific date for the shoot at your time convenience. This will follow by a 50% deposit of our agreed payment fee to commence the filming. Payments can be made in cash and soon through our web-store page that we are currently working to put online soon.

5) Commence Filming

The important thing while shooting is working quickly and efficiently with the aim to do things right and strive to maintain energy and enthusiasm in both ourselves and the team. I have to ensure everyone enjoys themselves during the shoot and take with them good memories back home for repeated business. People tend to be at their most creative personality when there is a good vibe in the air.

I keep a friendly attitude and share little jokes, snacks during breaks, and try and make everyone feel cared for and be part of the whole process. I encourage everyone to loosen-up and give their best to spark the video for viewers to enjoy watching and sharing!

6) Edit and Montage

After filming processes have been completed, I use movie software like Adobe After Effects CS6 to create and assemble the story of what we shot. This is where talent and imagination take place respectively. After that stage has been completed, I will send a sample copy of the first finish edit for you to appreciate. If any amelioration is needed, I will have it done.

Bear in mind that the amount of adjustments may depend on your budget. I will then produce the master copy and send it to you. I can also help you with file conversion for internet streaming via sites such as YouTube for free.

Reasonable Rates

Music videos, documentaries, commercials, and short/long films can range massively in price depending on exactly what is needed in the video. It can also vary on the number of takes for the video. With some videos, it may take days, weeks, or even months depending on the weather conditions, travelling, and the level of work needed to do.

My promotional music video filming has a starting rate of £190/£500 for a considerably good-looking, 4-minute video and can move up to a much bigger budget depending on what you intend to put in your video. I give the very best value for money whatever the budget is, high or low; I put as much of your money ‘on the screen’.

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